ETL – Designer

Location: Tokyo   Industry: IT-SIer/Services   

English Ability: Business   Japanese Ability: Business   Position ID: 10044

Job Description:
• Develop and deploy ETL job workflow with reliable error/exception handling and rollback framework.
• Perform the unit testing, system integration testing and assist with user acceptance testing
• Adapt ETL code to accommodate changes in source data and new business requirements.
• Document the ETL detailed design and test results.
• Prioritize development and enhancement requests.
• Spearheads development of ETL code, metadata definitions and models, queries and reports, schedules, work processes and maintenance procedures.
• Ensures data quality throughout entire ETL process.
• Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for data transmission, storage, and data access including documentation, testing, and remediation.
• Collaborates with subject matter experts, department Leaders and consultants to define and execute cross-functional data movements for all aspects business.

• Skill: ETL - Power center
• Experience: 6-9 years working with ETL - Power Center or other ETL tools
• Language: Business level Japanese and English
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