Technical Solutions Representative – System Admin Profile

Location: Tokyo   Industry: IT-SIer/Services   

English Ability: Business   Japanese Ability: Fluent   Position ID: 10055

- Provide technical and developer support to customers using Cloud Platform products, solutions and APIs
- Identify and document product bugs and feature requests and work with internal support teams as well as customers to implement effective solutions
- Work closely with internal support teams to improve cloud products at a senior level, suggesting and making changes to the product code
- Provide assistance and guidance to users through public forums

Minimum Qualifications:
- Strong knowledge of Linux/UNIX and Windows Server
- Familiarity with shell scripting
- Familiarity with multi-tasking and multi-processing
- Strong understanding of administration (user accounts, permission models, access control)
- Familiarity with networking (NAT, firewalls, basic routing, load balancing, etc.)
- Experience troubleshooting Linux performance (CPU, memory, I/O)
- Familiarity with application of cryptographic tools and concepts (public/private key auth, ssh, etc.)
- Strong troubleshooting skills and familiarity with common Linux troubleshooting tools (vmstat, iostat, lsof, strace, etc.) including the ability to read and understand logs and stack traces.
- Familiarity with SQL (any dialect)
- Familiarity with cloud computing
- Understanding Virtualized Environment
- Ability to research using internal knowledge bases and public-facing documentation (Google
- Developers, StackOverflow, etc.)
- A strong sense of business ownership and customer focus
- 3 years of industry experience in software development, systems integration or systems engineering.
- Willingness to undergo a government background check to obtain clearance to work with government clients
- Ability to read and understand code and able to write code samples to reproduce customer issues
- Familiarity with web protocols (HTTP, TLS, etc.)
- Ability to research using internal knowledge bases and public-facing documentation (Google Developers, StackOverflow, etc.)
- A strong sense of business ownership and customer focus
- +3~5 year work experience to support the Japanese Enterprise businesses
- Penchant for outstanding customer service, owns solving the customer's problems, solution oriented and high productivity
- Capability to understand the Japanese culture of business and various technologies in the Japanese customers apply
- Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills (providing the workarounds to mitigate the impact of the issues.)
- Capability to handle complex cases and lead technical knowledge transfer to the team
- Capability to understand and summarize the core of the problem in English
- Excellent writing, reading and verbal communication skills in English to escalate the issues to the next Tier
- TOEIC Level English with a score of 750 and above or equivalent communication skills (TOEIC score 800 within one year)
- Excellent Written and verbal communication skills in Japanese to communicate with Japanese premium customers and partners logically. JLPT level 1.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Experience of Cloud based VM operations (Google Compute Engine, VMware, Amazon EC2, etc.)
- Coding ability in one or more languages (Java, Python, C++, etc)
- Familiarity with software commonly used on VMs (MongoDB, Hadoop, etc)
- Experience in deploying and managing distributed systems and clusters
- Familiarity with web and mail protocols (HTTP, TLS, SMTP, etc)
- Familiarity with modern API technologies
- Familiarity with SQL (any dialect)
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