Presales Specialist (Technical Sales)

勤務地: 東京   業種: IT-テレコムその他   

英語力: なし   日本語力: なし   職 ID: 10446

・Understand business needs for new clients such as major telecommunications carriers and carry out/implement the necessary measures to them depends on the situation.
・Approach various business activities such as new system and network product proposal for existing clients and also business support; upgrading products for the existing clients.
・Report to the key section such as headquarter/regional head R&D on the progress of ongoing business and/or about setting sales targets, numerical targets by liaison meeting.
・Activate technical business dialogue with the key telecom carriers and provide/share information as to actual business.

・More than 5 years work-experiences of design/architecture of IP, IoT, Transmission System
(WDM, DWDM/PTN/PON/DSL/G,fast) in the telecommunication industry and have adequate skill/
knowledge of them.
・University Degree in either Engineering, Tele -communication or Computing, ・ Fluent Japanese, and either English (TOEIC800) or Chinese is Business level,

1-4-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0062
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