Data Engineer – Business Intelligence and Rapid Application

Location: Tokyo   Industry: FIN-Insurance   

English Ability: Business   Japanese Ability: Business   Position ID: 10505

Summary of Responsibilities:
This person will own the Business Intelligence (BI) for the Department of Information Management; The person will drive the BI from design phase of schemas within Hadoop, the development of connectors and outgoing feeds like Restful APIs, Batch feeds, Kafka messaging points, high throughput direct feeds and such.

Good understanding of data structures within Hadoop and very strong development skills are required, in order to create all the connectors but also build an inventory registry of all data within the ecosystem.
Finally the person would own the BI platforms and any visualizations provided by them and should be also able to design new ones if required.

Principal Responsibilities:
• Responsible for the delivery of Business Intelligence from Hadoop to the end users.
• Building relational schemas on top of Hive or HBase
• Coding connectors to provide feeds for downstream systems of BI tools
• Coding a new tool that registers all Hadoop outgoing feeds
• Designing visualizations for BI in various tools, such as QlikSense
• Owning BI tools and building new ones if required on top of Hadoop

Knowledge/Skills/Competencies Required:
• Strong knowledge of Business Intelligence concepts. Able to quickly learn QlikSense, SAS, SPSS.
• Strong developing skill in Java/JavaScript with track record of projects delivered in person.
• Latest technologies such as AngularJS, ReactJS, other web developing libraries should be required (either able to learn very fast or have a history of coding with these tools).
• Able to design from front to back a whole system for data management, using the company’s preferred technologies
• Strong knowledge of containers tools, cloud developing, restful API coding, relational databases (oracle) and non-relational ones (elastic search, mongoDB, other).
• Visualization expert for conceptual phase (how to visualize results), design and deliver with either vendor products (QlikSense) or code with JavaScript and D3js.
• Ability to code for iOS and Android at basic level.
• Very strong Python, R/Distributed R/Spark. Scala would be a plus.
• Core skills in Hadoop and background in Unix, Linux, Network, process orchestration (Kubernetes) is also required.
• Very strong capabilities in building Database schemas on top of Hive and HBase for servicing the Hadoop producer feeds.

Personal Attributes:
• Detailed and precise, able to drive alone the design and development of complex system.
• Able to articulate technical aspects in an easy to understand way for non-developers or tech savvy people.
• Team player able to adapt to technologies (programming languages, development environments and business requirements).
• Strong performer with focus on delivery, fast learning and able to apply his knowledge in various domains.
• Basic Japanese language skills and business level English language

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