Recruiting Manager

Location: Tokyo   Industry: Energy-Renewable   

English Ability: Business   Japanese Ability: Native   Position ID: 10620

Our client is looking for a comprehensive reinforcement of their organization, from a medium- and long-term management perspective.

We are looking for someone who can push forward with strategy planning and operation of recruitment (mid career, new graduate, part-time, interns etc.) with strong execution power.

You can experience strategically creating the company's future from the most important aspect "people", in a venture that continues to grow at a fast speed in both business contents and scale.

Although HR is so-called "administrative department", we continue to make decisions and solve challenges, not only by administering and defending, but also always from the viewpoint of "how can we break through".

We analyze and solve complicated problems, approaching from both organization and person side.

We welcome mid-career recruitment with backgrounds in various industries such as trading companies, major construction companies, investment bankers, consulting company etc. and build a foundation where all work in fair environment.

Required experience
· Experience in recruiting at least 3 years
· Experience not only in hiring operations but also in planning and executing strategies such as developing new channels
· High analytical skills and ability to solve problems. The ability to discover the route cause from a complex event, and solve it. Being able to enjoy that kind of fun.
· Reading, writing, and conversation in Japanese. Can communicate well with stakeholders in the company (management etc.) and outside the company (such as agents).
· Reading and writing in English.
· Business level English
· Experience working in a global / multinational organization
· A person who can strongly sympathize with the view of the future our client has, and to solve social problems from renewable energy
· Our client has grown rapidly, and group companies are also increasing. Those who can grasp the needs of the entire group and plan and adopt hiring strategies
· Strong spirit of customer service, attitude to voluntarily take initiative in operations
· To be able to respond positively to events that are unexpected, complicated and without rule, and to have that mentality
· Not just focusing on management but, those who want to think actively about solving unprecedented events, and creating new paths
· Person who has accuracy and flexibility, and can strictly keep confidentiality obligation

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