Location: Tokyo   Industry: IT-SIer/Services   

English Ability: None   Japanese Ability: None   Position ID: 10686


• Ability to prepare solution and architecture diagram.
• Design, build, Test and Document RESTful services using Swagger.
• Seeks innovative ways to improve the process of delivering solutions to clients.
• Fully document work processes and procedures
• Perform Unit Testing, Integration Testing
• Ability do JVM configuration for performance.

• Knowledge and experience of the WebSphere Application Server Administration
• Knowledge and experience of the WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit
• Knowledge and experience of the Windows servers and Linux servers
• 5+ years of experience delivering enterprise class applications, with at least 3 most recent years working in REST APIs, Swagger.
• Experience building applications with popular JS frameworks and libraries
• Solid understanding of object-oriented design and programming concepts, core Java concepts, multi-threading, MVC, and common design patterns, SQL/NoSQL Databases
• Experience in Java SE, Java EE.
• Experience in PowerShell, Ant, Maven, Jenkin
• Experience in Eclipse, Code Refactoring.
• Excellent troubleshooting skills with the ability to analyze and resolve difficult problems quickly
• Clear and effective communication with team members
• Provide quality formal and informal documentation consistent with documentation standards
• Communication through English TOEIC 730 and Japanese language level(Optional)
• Minimum 10-15 years of experience in IT.

• Experience with JAVA.
• Experience with RESTful services
• Experience with Swagger

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1-4-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0062
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