Account Security Officer

Location: Tokyo   Industry: IT-SIer/Services   

English Ability: None   Japanese Ability: None   Position ID: 10758

Compliance and operational focused

• Lead Security operational governance activities

• Dedicated or Shared (Industry)

• Multi-3rd party services

• Seek to identify additional Enterprise Security Services Information Risk Management (IRM) revenue for the account.

• Ensuring delivery excellence in IRM operations (Ensuring avoidance of non-performance / non-compliance contractual penalties).

• Relationship management with suppliers to client.

• Maintain an account security plan for the selected account(s)

• Manage and reports security incidents

• Ensure Audit preparation, facilitation and remediation

• Manage Security Risk and Exception to standards management

• Ensure knowledge and implementation of security fundamentals, policies and standards (regulatory and contractual)

• Escalate and resolve Security Issues

• Coordinate delivery of Security Metrics and Reporting in support of contractual commitment

Since this is Intermediate position, we are not so much looking for Security experiences.

As long as candidates have 3-5 years of System operation experiences like Wintel, Unix, Database or Network operations and handled IT Incident management, they are good candidates.

l Operation experience of either Windows / Unix / Network 3 - 5 years

l Experience in incident management (experience of security incidents is not required, but understanding the flow of incident response)

l Ability to log in directly to the system and troubleshoot and check logs

l Experience creating materials using Microsoft Office products

l Communication skill (can interact with customers) Language: Japanese

l ITIL Foundation Certificate

■ Better skills if you have

Like to keep up on Technical Skills

Security incident handling experience

Security related Certificates

Those who wish to learn security from now


Windows/Unix/Networkいずれかの運用経験 3-5年程度

インシデント管理の経験 (セキュリティインシデントの経験はなくてもよいが、インシデント対応の流れを理解していること)


Microsoft Office製品を使用した資料作成経験

コミュニケーション能力 (お客様と対話ができる) 言語:日本語

ITIL Foundation 資格保持者






someone experiences in some kind Security Operation Work (like Patch Management , Anti-Virus Management, ID Management etc)
3-5 years in IT operation (like system admin or network admin) who is willing to learn Security.

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