Engineering Coordination

勤務地: 東京   業種: IT-シーア/サービス   

英語力: なし   日本語力: なし   職 ID: 10837

Role Value Proposition
This role is an entry level position within project delivery. The role will be supporting project leads or leading sub-projects within a larger project. The main support tasks will be tracking and updating project schedule and progress of tasks. Additionally role holder will be expected to assist managing budgets and create reports within the project. The role holder will be expected to be a good listener and able to support fact based decision making.
This a role whose function will make sure status of projects schedule, budget and progress of work based on facts and support making project reports, assisting concrete discussions and fact based decisions. The role holder will be responsible for supporting the AD and EI driven Senior Engineers including End of Life technology, major business digitization projects.
Key Relationships
• The role holder will report to a Senior Engineer or the section manager
• Other key stakeholders: Infrastructure Teams, Application Developers, IT Architecture
General Responsibilities
• Support project leads with reporting, tracking and ticket raising
• Support project leads with following up with various project members and BAU staff
required to deliver project
• Support project leads with executing procurement process and tracking bill/invoice for
budget management
Project Related
• Support project lead with validation of WBS and associated dependencies with project members
• Support project lead with quotations, collection of estimates and other tasks
• Follow up with project team to ensure any questions, issues and risks are either raised
or closed off.
• Assist project lead with all project closure activities
• Support sponsors approvals by producing correct formal documentation

Essential Business Experience and Skills
• 2-5 years of experience as a practitioner in IT e.g. application development, quality assurance, infrastructure
• Business Level English and Japanese
• Effectively use MS office tools (Excel and Powerpoint)
• High level understanding of several IT infrastructure components and services
o Network, Storage, Servers, Hypervisors, Operating Systems, middleware and database
• Well organized and able to work independently with minimal direction
• Good ability to learn technical concepts and IT systems at a high level
• Strong interpersonal skills, ability to listen and learn
• Knowledge of formal IT project methodologies like PMBOK or PMP will be a plus
• +5 years of working experience in financial industry or as a system integrator as nice to

1-4-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0062
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